Christmas Day is coming. Santa’s big day is almost here. But what’s this? Oh no! All eight of Santa’s reindeers have broken free. Santa calls on his best friend Brearley Bear to help round them up and get them back to Santa so that he can deliver the presents on time.

And Brearley Bear needs the children of Sheffield to help him!

With eight reindeers missing it’s a race against time to save Christmas.

Brearley Bear needs your help to find Burny, Abbey, Wadsley, Neepsy, Wharny, Heeley, Arby and of course Rudolph! They’re hiding in Sheffield city centre.

Pick up a Red Nose Locator guide from Brearley’s Christmas HQ on Surrey Street (next to the Winter Garden).

Track down each of the missing reindeers by following the rhyming clues.

Once you’ve found all eight reindeers, head back to Brearley’s Christmas HQ to receive a free Christmas treat for every child.

The Christmas Trail…the story of Brearley Bear’s Reindeer Roundup will run from 23 November – 24 December 2019. Missing reindeers are located at venues in the city centre, all of which are accessible between at least 9.30am and 5.30pm Monday to Saturday and 11.00am and 4.00pm Sunday. Venue trading times may differ on Christmas Eve.

Brearley’s Christmas HQ is open:
10am – 6pm Monday – Saturday (7pm Thursday)
11am – 4pm Sunday, and
10am – 4pm Christmas Eve